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Writing is a career, not a hobby

October 5, 2017

I have been at this business of writing since 1984 and it gaul’s me when someone says ‘Oh, that’s a nice hobby for you’. I want to strangle them and then bury them in the back yard. Lol. A hobby is something that you do in your spare time. A relaxer that takes you away from all the worldly things that grind you down every day.

In a sense, so is writing but not in the sense that one can do it only occasionally. Being a writer, I will set down at the keyboard a few hours every day. I might write only a page or two then the next day, I might write five or ten. There is no rush like with other careers when one must meet a dead line to keep the boss off their back. You are your own boss and being that boss you must keep the product going or things slow down.

I have had some of those days. Some where I don’t even touch the keyboard. But that haunts me, makes me uneasy and disappointed that I am not producing but procrastinating. Yes, other things sometimes take away from that production. I am a avid shooter. I target practice every Sunday and sometimes, when finances allow, on Saturdays. Still, I find someway to get back to the keyboard. To slip into my characters minds and tell a good story.

I have many ideas, some I get down on the digital page, others I keep on the back burner for future reference. Either way, I will either use that thought for a full-blown book or a short. I produce and I do it because it is fun. I love to tell a story. Pit people in different situations and lead them into the darkness of evil and then find a hole for them to crawl out of and save the day.

But not before then themselves are either caught in a jam or nearly killed. The hero must prevail either way. My heroes are the kind that usually blast their way out of dangerous situations. Knocking off the bad guys and coming out on top. Not always in good health but in reasonable shape. In the real world this isn’t always the case and in the real world, there are consequences. That is why people read fiction. To escape the real world and do the things they wish they could do.

Save the day and such. That is the career I am pursuing. The escape I am providing for those who wish to imagine they could do. A hobby? Not hardly. It is a passion and I plan to keep doing it until I am old and gray.


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  1. erikamorin1 permalink

    Great article, Dwight. I think I might still be having a hobby as a writer, though I’m looking forward to the day it’s a career. You have a new follower in me!

    • Thanks. I have been told this a few times and always let it roll off like water on a duck’s back. I plan to be mainstream published before I’m old and gray, well, older anyway. Write when you can and don’t give up.

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