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Waiting is the pits!

October 17, 2017

Haven’t done a lot this week. Mostly mulled around on where my second book is going to go and waiting for agent replies. I have gotten a few since I have started querying them but very few. I also receive a email form a fellow who will, for a fee, help you get an agent to get published. his name escapes me but if I remember right, the fee is more than this poor boy can afford so I guess I will just lope along and see if someone will take a chance on me.

My second book in the Jake Jacks series is moving along. I have had some down time to think where it is going and what new characters to introduce. It involves a past character from the first book (if it ever gets published, lol) and some characters past characters that bite the dust. Some readers hate this when characters they love take a nose dive into the grave but I feel that this is sometimes necessary.

Opens up an avenue to introduce new characters to the story line and sometimes new villains that you can love to hate. Of course, the main characters will not change, well, not much anyway. Also, and I may have mentioned this before, I’m thinking of trying my hand at an adventure story. One set in the twenties and thirties when explorers haunted the ancient lands in search of riches or how ancient cultures lived.

I do have a story coming out sometime using this same story line. it will be published by Crimson Streets and is called, The Scarab of Kadar. I love writing about the past. The adventurers who risked life and limb to acquire an archeological find or just to raid the tombs of their treasure. A lot of stories have been written about this over the years but most are long forgotten, except for the movies which sometimes use adventure stories past published for their plots.

If one is an avid reader like I am, one will see the hints for past writers in these movies. The entertainment value is in the story though, especially if one can read the written word to see where the movie drifts away from. Anyway, I’m just rambling today. Not much to tell as nothing exciting has come my way. I hope soon, some agent will take me on, read my story and sell it to a publisher. That would be a kick wouldn’t it?

I have no doubts there is one somewhere who will do this so I will keep plugging along and hope this will happen before I’m seventy. Lol. Either way, I’m committed and that is all that counts.


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