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How things have changed

October 30, 2017

Things have changed since I have grown up. The world has gotten a little more digital and a little less understanding. When I was younger, it was a time when people helped other people. Someone having trouble like a flat or trouble with their car, someone would stop and help. Today that is a risk. I read of someone being attacked and killed or abducted almost every day. What has happened?

Oh, there are still a few good people out there not to sound like a griper. But they have become far and in between. They talk about the me generation. It is still that way. I want it before you can get it and I ‘ll do everything in my power to get it. Such a waste. It’s simple greed I guess and we all have a degree of greed. Don’t say we don’t. I have encountered this in many a place in the past few years. Take for instance the so-called Black Friday.

People lining up in front of stores and then stampeding through the doors to get those one of a kind bargains. Sometimes fights breaking out. Better to go after the rush I think. If you miss out, too bad. Usually the store will have more brought in, but at a higher price because the demand is high. Talk about price gouging!

On a lighter note, I have started a new novel. This one called The house on Shadow Hill. Yes, it’s a supernatural novel with a twist of Lovecraft in it. If you don’t know who Lovecraft is, then shame on you. He wrote weird fiction back in the thirties and forties to sell to the pulp (cheap for the general public) magazines. I have read about all his stories and have marveled at the way the man can bring a chill to one’s spine without describing the horror the main character is experiencing.

He hints at it, causes the mind to imagine what it must look like and sometimes the mind can imagine better than the writer can describe. Some have told me he is a hard read. Yes, he is sometimes very wordy but if on can stick with it, one can be chilled to the bone without all the blood and guts some writers seem to write.

Mind you, sometimes blood and guts is the way to go. But only toward the end and very little of it. I have gone for the gorse out a few times. Mostly because it fit the story. When possible though, I creep up on the reader with the horror, creep up and then hint at what is coming. I find that sometimes, that makes the story. Chills the blood and makes a shiver crawl up the spine.

Tis my way with the supernatural gene. As for the detective stories, my main characters are always tough guys, shoot first and ask questions later. as for villains, they must be as nasty as possible. Ruthless, with no morals and no qualms about killing. A villain one must hate and want to see destroyed badly.

This is my writing style. One some authors say is haphazard and not right. I am a punster, a seat of the pants writer. My characters carrying the story as it is written. No notes, only names jotted down in case they are mentioned later in the story. This is how I write. This is me and no one can change that.


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