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Things I consider important

June 13, 2018

It has been a long few months and to be honest, I haven’t done much in the writing department. I have been concentrating on other things, one being my first love, music. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love to write, but music has always been a part of my life since I was sixteen and it will remain so.

As of late, I have been dabbling in learning the mandolin. Mostly because I have been playing with a gospel group and though I have only played the mandolin a few times, I have found that I do love the sound and rhythm of bluegrass gospel. I like other bluegrass music also and do try to play it but these old fingers are not what they used to be and picking fast will take time if ever.

Other things have caused me to take a sabbatical from writing. one being the summer chores, you know the ones, yard mowing and cleaning up after the winter.I have also gotten into firearms. The constitutional carry giving me the chance to go armed in this changing world. Things are a lot different these days. Gone are the people who respect the lives of others and property but I do not strut around just because I am armed.

That is a good way to become a target. I carry on normally. As if it is just another day. But if needed, and only if needed, I am ready. To be honest, I would hate to shoot a man or woman for that matter. Life is a precious thing and not to be taken lightly although there are some who do not think so. Life or death is the only reason I would pull the trigger.

I do practice for I wish to be able to hit what I aim at. I care nothing about grouping or hitting the bullseye. All I care about is stopping the threat without injuring the innocent. But enough of that. I will sooner or later get back to pounding the keyboard. When, I can’t tell you but it will happen. I love telling stories, taking the reader to places where the bad guy falls and the hero comes out on top, if only in a dark sort of way.

I will post another story from my early writings soon and I hope you enjoyed the last one I posted. I have a few, they just need to be cleaned up before I post them. Maybe a two-part job. I have one and am considering posting it. One that takes the reader back to a time when treasure hunting still young and men, in the Indiana Jones fashion, hunted for relics that were still hidden either in the sands of the Egyptian desert or in mountainous caverns elsewhere.

That’s it for now. stay cool and until next time….


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